Tessa Perkins

Tessa Perkins is Principal Lecturer in Media Studies at
Sheffield Hallam University. She was involved in setting
up the BA Media Studies course at SHU, now in its 10th year,
was its first Course Leader and the first Media Studies subject
leader at SHU. Originally a sociologist by training, she
has taught and researched, in old and new universities, in
sociology, cultural studies, communication studies, media
and film studies and women’s studies. Her publications are
mainly in the area of stereotypes and changing representations
of gender, and more recently of lesbians. However her most
recent publication ‘Who is it for?’ concerns the relationship
between theory, the academy and politics. She was a founder
member of AMFIT, and subsequently of AMCCS, of which She
was chair between 1996-9. Since the fusion of AMCCS and SCCCMS
into MeCCSA she has been on the executive committee of MeCCSA
and has been its treasurer. She has also taken on responsibility
for membership.


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