Three-D Issue 18: Chair’s report

Sue Thornham University of Sussex This issue of Three-D features reports on the excellent 2012 conference held at the University of Bedfordshire, as well as photos of some of its academic and less academic highlights. You can also see the shape that next year’s conference will take, when it will be hosted by the University …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: Reading the riots on Twitter

Farida Vis University of Leicester When the UK was hit by a wave of riots last summer, the government was quick to suggest that they were categorically not linked to poverty, lack of social mobility, the economic crisis, cuts to education, but rather that those who looted were simply criminals. Moreover, the Prime Minister along …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: Multiculturalism and internationalisation in Romanian HE

Marcela Ganea Artifex University of Bucharest In a world increasingly inter-dependent, multiculturalism can be an asset for the progress of a society, if a country has good educational  policies in place that allow integration and to take advantage of the valuable cultural differences in attitudes towards work and human development. In 2009 , three students …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: Higher education in Ireland

Gavan Titley National University of Ireland, Maynooth According to The Guardian (22 March), Ireland is back in recession. While many people may be surprised to hear that it had exited it at all, of late, this news was cast as a domestic and European political blow, undermining Ireland’s post-sovereign role as a ‘poster child for …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: The key

Story by: Jackey Reuben, Illustrations by: Chantal de Broglio This is a short satire by a MeCCSA member about marketing in a University. The Exit There is always darkness before the dawn – wherever we might be. Do we have to continually re-enact the trauma, and was it this that was echoed, along with clip-clop …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: Even more bad news from London Met

Gholam Khiabany University of Sussex The impact of the government’s devastating attacks on universities and the corporatizing of education under the banner of “choice” are more visible in post 92 universities and nowhere more so than the beleaguered  London Metropolitan University.  The marketplace test, which according to government will allow students to choose freely from …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: The managerial Cuckoos

John Brissenden Bournemouth University John Wyndham’s 1957 sci-fi novel, The Midwich Cuckoos, tells the story of an English village which is visited by a mysterious extraterrestrial presence, and then plays host to a group of demonic children, who defend each other through telepathy and by controlling the minds of the villagers. In the months since …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: Market fundamentalism and new communications regulation

Damian Tambini London School of Economics Media regulation is one of those things, like puddings, that the British think they do rather well. This helps explain the spasms of introspection that phone hacking and the failure of press self-regulation have triggered. Might we, after all, have been kidding ourselves? Is something broken in the institutional …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: This system needs fixing

Des Freedman Goldsmiths, University of London This is a boom time for Murdoch-watchers. On 16 February 2012, the normally sober sub-editors at the Financial Times pronounced the imminent demise of the world’s most notorious media mogul with the headline ‘Gotcha! The Sun Sinks Murdoch’ attached to a Philip Stephens article on the crisis inside News …Continue Reading

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