Three-D Issue 29: Chair’s report

Natalie Fenton Goldsmiths, University of London REF madness reigns supreme once more. With REF2021 still three years away it is now the driving force behind all of our activities despite the fact that we still don’t know the fine details of how this particular audit will be run. Every drip drip of information from HEFCE …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 29: MeCCSA Conference 2019: Continuity & Change

Alenka Jelen-Sanchez University of Stirling We are delighted to be hosting the first MeCCSA annual conference in Scotland at the University of Stirling from 9 to 11 January 2019. The conference theme ‘Continuity & Change – Media, Communications & Politics’ is designed to speak to different academic fields represented within MeCCSA, whilst also speaking to …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 29: MeCCSA 2018: Creativity and Agency

Philip Hammond London South Bank University We are in the final stages of preparations for MeCCSA 2018, at London South Bank University on 10–12 January. We have been delighted with the response to our call for papers. Following review of 261 submissions, we have selected 26 ready-made panels and 128 individual proposals – altogether we …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 29: Brand ventriloquism: when media go native

Jonathan Hardy University of East London Tim Gopsill Editor, Free Press (CPBF) Advertising on the internet has yet to reap the rewards that publishers have hoped for. While the internet giants pile up profits from providing the platforms, advertising income for publishers is well below what it would once have been for equivalent print. Online …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 29: The influence of Internet Indicators

Robin Mansell London School of Economics and Political Science UNESCO’s project to define Internet Universality indicators is organised around four principles – ROAM (R – that the internet is based on human Rights, O – that it is Open; A – that it should be Accessible to all; and M – that is nurtured by …Continue Reading

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