Three-D Issue 30: On the National Student Survey

William Proctor Bournemouth University As many sweltering academics beaver away on research outputs of various sorts in libraries, offices and domestic writing havens, the British summer heat wave continues its relentless assault. With nary a sprinkle of rain on the horizon, the monsoon that is REF 2021 is a weather warning like no other, crackling …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 30: DCMS “Fake News” Report: time for a new approach?

Damian Tambini London School of Economics and Political Science Unfortunately the Fake News report was leaked by Dominic Cummings in a cynical attempt to personalise, delegitimise, and thus derail an important policy discussion. What Cummings does not relate in his blog is that the report is highly critical of him personally. Cummings is being investigated …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 30: Draft proposals for the future of the BBC

Tom Mills Aston University The BBC is its own worst enemy. For decades its leadership have stumbled from one crisis to the next, only offering any vision for the Corporation’s future when and insofar as it is politically expedient. This began with John Birt’s much maligned reforms, which first weakened independent reporting in the name …Continue Reading

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