2024 conference theme: ‘Transcending the Permacrisis’

Although a crisis is commonly understood to be a temporary state and an exception to ‘normality’, we have entered the state of permacrisis: a continuation of challenges. Living in the permacrisis has consequences for individuals and society at large. The absence of any notion of normality, a lack of certainty about the future, and high levels of anxiety might lead to a notion of political and societal instability that has not been experienced for a long time. Stability and predictability are absent in the face of a poly-crisis: many interconnected crises that affect all aspects of human life. This conference seeks to address the issues related to a permanent state of crisis but it also, and perhaps more importantly, aims to discuss possible solutions.

We envisage the conference to be a mix of scholarly papers, themed panels, posters, film screenings, installations, and other practice-based contributions, and we would welcome submissions across the full range of interests represented by MeCCSA.

Particular focus is placed on interdisciplinary approaches that allow for a multi-faceted interrogation of phenomena related to the permacrisis.

We welcome submissions aligned either with the conference theme or any area covered by MeCCSA and its networks.

Possible topics can include, but are not limited to:

•       Environmentalism
•       Resilience
•       Extremism
•       Populism
•       Culture Wars
•       Resistance
•       Cancel Cultures
•       Wokeism
•       Citizenship
•       Activism
•       Racism
•       Misinformation

For any queries, please contact the organising committee: MeCCSA2024@mmu.ac.uk

Submission deadline: January 16th, 2024

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