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Welcome to MeCCSA, the subject association that represents all who teach or research in Higher Education in media, communications and cultural studies, whether in arts, humanities or social sciences departments. This includes practice-based work as well as more ‘academic’ disciplines.

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MeCCSA letter to AHRC about Creative Industries Clusters

The below letter been sent by Natalie Fenton on 8th November 2017 to Professor Thompson of the AHRC concerns relating to the Call for the Creative Industries Clusters Programme from the Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Subject Association (MeCCSA).

We have not yet received a response, though will publish this if we receive one.

The MeCCSA letter is also available as a PDF download.


MeCCSA nominations for members of REF2021 panels

Process for requesting MeCCSA nomination for additional members of REF2021 Main Panel D and Sub-panels membership

Members of the REF2021 expert panels will be appointed through a nominations process. Any association or organization with a clear interest in the conduct, quality, funding or wider benefits of publicly-funded research can nominate individuals for panel membership. Mission groups, individual UK HEIs and groups within or subsidiaries of individual HEIs may not make nominations.

MeCCSA is listed as a nominating body. When making nominations we are required to submit information about how equality and diversity issues were taken into account in nominating candidates for panel membership. The funding bodies are seeking nominations of candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds, institution types and geographical regions and particularly welcome nominations of candidates from groups previously under-represented on assessment panels, including women, people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds, and disabled people.

MeCCSA is now invited to make nominations for additional members to Main Panel D (with interdisciplinary expertise, international expertise, and expertise in the use, application and wider benefits of research); and Sub-Panel members (including practising researchers, individuals with expertise in commissioning, applying or making use of research, and interdisciplinary advisers).

MeCCSA is looking to make nominations that recognize the diversity and breadth of the field and take account of equality and diversity concerns.

Any person seeking MeCCSA nomination to any REF panel as outlined above should complete the nomination form available on the MeCCSA website and send this along with their CV to the Chair of MeCCSA, Prof. Natalie Fenton (N.Fenton@gold.ac.uk) by 23rd November 2017.

Applications for nomination will not be considered without the above information.

Any member of the MeCCSA Executive who is seeking nomination for REF panel membership will be excluded from the nominating process. (more…)

Joint statement from BAFTSS and MeCCSA on REF2021 [Updated: response from HEFCE and Panel D Chair]


Recently BAFTSS and MeCCSA agreed the below joint statement in response to concern about the initial decisions by HECFCE regarding REF 2021 that included naming Film and Screen Studies explicitly in sub-panel 33 (Music, Dance, Drama, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies). This joint statement was sent to Kim Hackett at HEFCE and to Dinah Birch, Chair REF2021 Panel D. They have sent the following response that provides some helpful clarification. We will continue to ensure that these issues are understood and addressed by the relevant sub-panel Chairs and panel members:

We understand the concern raised about a potential effect on submissions caused by including ‘Film and Screen Studies’ in the name of UOA33. The funding bodies’ decision to include this field of research in a UOA name sought to respond to concerns raised about visibility, and the decision of where to locate it was informed by both responses to our consultation and further engagement with the relevant subject bodies. However, the decision to include it in a UOA name is not intended to preclude the submission of film and screen research in another UOA, where this is the most appropriate place for its submission. We will ensure that the published guidance provides clarity on this point, and encourages the submission of film and screen research into the most appropriate UOA. As with the previous panel criteria, this may include explicit reference to film and screen studies in the relevant UOA descriptors. We will work in particular with the sub-panels for UOAs 33 and 34, to ensure clarity is provided on submissions into each of these UOAs, and on the sub-panels’ working methods to ensure a consistent assessment approach.

Kim Hackett, HEFCE
Dinah Birch, Chair, Panel D


Three-D Issue 28

Three-D, issue 28 (PDF, 4.7 Mb)MeCCSA-ThreeD-28-Thumb-Shad – Latest

In this issue:
1 2017 Election Special: HE policy, media and the campaign (Einar Thorsen)

Election 2017
2 The idea of the University (Julian McDougall)
4 Higher Education and the 2017 General Election Manifestos (Andrew Gunn)
5 The impact of impartiality (Justin Lewis)
6 Women leaders and the pitfalls of ‘going personal’ (Emily Harmer)
7 Civil society and grassroots voices in the election coverage (Jen Birks & Abi Rhodes)
9 General Election 2017: the Brexit Campaign? (Deacon, Downey, Smith, Stanyer & Wring)
10 Not the Brexit election many predicted (Stephen Cushion)
10 Acrimony and division (Gordon Ramsay)

Media Policy
13 Combatting fake news: analysis of submissions to the fake news inquiry (Vian Bakir & Andrew McStay)
16 Why the Fox-Sky merger must be stopped (Justin Schlosberg)

17 Mike O’Brien (Caroline Mitchell)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
18 MeCCSA 2017: University of Leeds (Katy Parry)
20 MeCCSA 2018: London South Bank University (Philip Hammond)

Reports and Initiatives
22 Chair’s report (Natalie Fenton)
23 Letter in support of CEU
24 Response to consultation on second REF
28 Response on Leveson inquiry and its implementation
32 Policy Network (Des Freedman)
34 Practice Network (Nick HigginsSarah Haynes)
36 Radio Studies Network (Helen Gubbins)
37 Social Movements Network (Rosalind Brunt)
37 Women’s Media Studies Network (Gamze Toylan)
38 Postgraduate Network (Patricia Prieto-Blanco)

Response submitted by MeCCSA to the consultation on the second REF

Consultation on the second REFSubmitted 12th March 2017

This is the response by the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) to the Consultation on the second Research Excellence Framework. The consultation sets out proposals on how to implement the next Research Excellence Framework, building on the REF 2014 and incorporating the principles identified in Lord Stern’s Independent Review of the REF. The full response is below and also available as a PDF. (more…)

Studying MeCCSA subjects at University

MeCCSA has produced a film to answer some of the frequently asked questions about studying subjects in our field at University. Feel free to share and use to promote your own courses as you wish.

See also our information brochure: Studying Media, Film and Communication at University: choosing the right course for you (PDF, 268k)

…and our FAQ section.

MeCCSA letter to Turkish Minister in support of academic freedom

The below letter has today been sent by Natalie Fenton to the Turkish Minister of Education from MeCCSA in support of colleagues facing struggles over academic freedom, losing their jobs and in some cases facing imprisonment. Please consider sending your own letters of support.

The letter is also available as a PDF download.


Statement of Research Ethics Guidelines

In view of the wide diversity of disciplinary orientation, methodological approach, and conceptual foundation of research in our field, MeCCSA does not publish a detailed code of research practice. Instead MeCCSA has published a statement that outlines a broad set of principles and links to a range of research practice guidelines from various associations, which we believe may be of value in the conduct of members’ research.

You can read more about the background to this initiative in Peter Golding’s article in Three-D Issue 15 [PDF], and also in Martin Barker’s article in Three-D Issue 10 [PDF].

MeCCSA supports Media Reform initiative

At the recent AGM at the University of Bedfordshire, 12th January 2012, the following resolution was passed:

This AGM supports the initiative of the Coordinating Committee for Media Reform in its submission to Leveson, and further public forums, as a proper and fruitful stimulus to well-informed debate.



MeCCSA on JISCmail

MeCCSA and its Networks operate discussion and information lists through the JISCmail system. Click the following links for information or to join:

The MeCCSA Radio Studies Network encourages interested colleagues to subscribe to the Radio Studies list, a forum for teachers, researchers and broadcasters active since 1998.

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