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Welcome to MeCCSA, the subject association that represents all who teach or research in Higher Education in media, communications and cultural studies, whether in arts, humanities or social sciences departments. This includes practice-based work as well as more ‘academic’ disciplines.

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What’s happening with Media and Film Studies GCSE and GCE ‘A’ level?

By Pete Fraser (Chair, Media Education Association)

The changes to the curriculum at GCSE and A level have largely gone under the radar for teachers in higher education. Indeed teachers in schools and colleges are often surprised to discover what’s been happening! For all of us, the future of Media and Film Studies is potentially at stake, so it is important that everyone is made aware of both what is happening and what we might be able to do about it. In this article, I shall outline the context for these changes and describe the precarious position in which Film and Media Studies find themselves.


MeCCSA 2014 Conference Highlights

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the MeCCSA 2014 conference!

Check out our live blog to see highlights from the conference as it unfolded, or visit us on Twitter via @MeCCSA2014 & #MeCCSA2014 and on Facebook.

Our conference programme and book of abstracts are still available.

Update: The full text of Sonia Livingstone’s keynote address, ‘Media studies: where are we now?’  is now online.

Conference stats

BU MeCCSA 2014

Abstracts received: 324
Papers presented: 198
Registered delegates: 231

Twitter: 3,867 conference tweets
Live blog: 528 posts and 52 photos
Video: 90 video clips
Podcasts: 4, with 6hrs audio


This year we had four prizes, three that were awarded at the conference and one that will be awarded at a later stage. The first two awards were judged based on submission of full papers.

Best Paper Award: Media & the Margins, Awarded by the Media School, Bournemouth University
Presented to: Balázs Boross, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Journalism Research Prize, Awarded by the Centre for Journalism & Communication Research, Bournemouth University
Presented to: Lisette Johnston, City University London

Postgraduate Twitter Award, Awarded by the MeCCSA Executive Committee
Presented to: Motilola Akinfemisoye, University of Central Lancashire

The final award is the Postgraduate Conference Report Award. Any postgraduate student wishing to be considered for this award should submit a conference report for publication in the next issue of Three-D. The best report as judged by the MeCCSA Executive Committee will receive the award. To submit your report, please email the Editor, Einar Thorsen, (ethorsen@bournemouth.ac.uk) by the end of February. Further details to follow.

Conference photographs

Photo of 2014 MeCCSA Conference at Bournemouth University

Plenary photographs by Saeed Rashid, Bournemouth University

Photo of 2014 MeCCSA Conference at Bournemouth University

Beer festival / quiz photographs by Daniel Weissmann, Bournemouth University

Three-D Issue 21

MeCCSA-ThreeD-20-ThumbnailThree-D, issue 21 (PDF, 3.1 Mb) - Latest

In this issue:
And now we’re working to contract (Einar Thorsen) 

MeCCSA Annual Conferences & Features
2 MeCCSA 2014: Media and the Margins (Dan Jackson)
3 Future Annual Conference Hosts

5 Tackling ownership at a snail’s pace (Des Freedman & Justin Schlosberg)
8 Green or gold? The implications for open access (Ann Cummings)
9 Personal academic websites in precarious times (Anna Feigenbaum)
11 Radical Film vs the Radical Right (Anthony Killick)
12 The Radical Film Network (Steve Presence)
13 Reel News (Shaun Day & Lee Salter)
15 Grade grubbing (Steph Allen)
15 New Directions in Media Research 2013 (Rahma al Foori)
17 Terminal Thinking (Jason Lee)

Reports and initiatives
21 Chair’s report (Sue Thornham)
22 How is it for you? The uncertain fate of media studies courses (Peter Golding)
23 Disability Studies Network (Irene Rose)
25 Climate Change Network (Neil Gavin)
26 Practice Network (Sarah Allen-Reading)
28 Radio Studies Network (Eleanor Shember-Critchley)
29 Social Movements Network (Ruth Sanz Sabido & Stuart Price)
30 Women’s Media Studies Network (Heather Nunn)
31 Postgraduate Network (Rachel Tavernor, Agnes Ziolkowski-Trzak & James Harvey-Davitt)

Statement of Research Ethics Guidelines

In view of the wide diversity of disciplinary orientation, methodological approach, and conceptual foundation of research in our field, MeCCSA does not publish a detailed code of research practice. Instead MeCCSA has published a statement that outlines a broad set of principles and links to a range of research practice guidelines from various associations, which we believe may be of value in the conduct of members’ research.

You can read more about the background to this initiative in Peter Golding’s article in Three-D Issue 15 [PDF], and also in Martin Barker’s article in Three-D Issue 10 [PDF].

MeCCSA supports Media Reform initiative

At the recent AGM at the University of Bedfordshire, 12th January 2012, the following resolution was passed:

This AGM supports the initiative of the Coordinating Committee for Media Reform in its submission to Leveson, and further public forums, as a proper and fruitful stimulus to well-informed debate.


Brochure: Media programmes at university

Studying Media, Film and Communication at University: choosing the right course for you (PDF, 268k) new!

Here is the new, updated version of the MeCCSA leaflet for schools and colleges aimed at prospective university students of media, film, and communication studies. All institutional members will be receiving copies of the leaflet, and you are of course free to download further copies for your own use. We hope that you will find it helpful. You can also find more detailed information here, in the FAQs.


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The MeCCSA Radio Studies Network encourages interested colleagues to subscribe to the Radio Studies list, a forum for teachers, researchers and broadcasters active since 1998.

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