Three-D Issue 19: Women’s Media Studies Network update

Heather Nunn Roehampton University The Women’s Media Studies Network is pleased to be collaborating with the Women’s Film and Television History Network on their most recent event From Page to Screen: Making and Remembering Women’s History. Vicky Ball, from the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, at the University of Sunderland organized this …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: MeCCSA 2013: Spaces and Places of Culture

Máire Messenger Davies University of Ulster The members of the conference team at the University of Ulster have been impressed and pleased by the enthusiastic response we have had from people wanting to present papers at the 2013 conference in Derry in January (see The theme of ‘space and place’ has produced a number …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Publishing crossroads

Einar Thorsen Bournemouth University In this issue of Three-D we are taking an in-depth look at the changing nature of academic publishing and what it means for our subject area. There is an increasing shift towards “open” publishing – not least in light of the Finch Report’s recommendations on open access publishing and the Government’s …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: MeCCSA 2014: Bournemouth University

Hugh Chignell Bournemouth University MeCCSA annual conference, Bournemouth University 8 – 10 January, 2014  As thoughts turn to the Derry conference in January some of us have started the reassuringly long process of organising MeCCSA 2014. Here at Bournemouth University’s Media School, discussions have begun about hotels, volunteers, administration, key notes and that most awkward …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Publishing problems

Larry Gross University of Southern California President of ICA Anyone who has been paying attention will be aware that there is a crisis in scholarly publishing. In fact, there has been a crisis for some time, certainly since commercial publishers began jacking up the prices of science and math journals, setting off a domino effect …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Self-publishing for academics

Paul Bradshaw Birmingham City University & City University Something has happened to self-publishing over the past few years. No longer the last resort for local historians and wannabe poets, it is now a sign of entrepreneurial spirit, an alternative to the limitations of attention-starved journalism, and a way of kicking against the pricks of mainstream publishing. …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: A new model for academic publishing?

Richard Keeble University of Lincoln Journalism examines the here-and-now, the major issues and personalities of the day. And yet the production of academic books can often take up to two years (or even longer) between conception and actual publication. The peer review process can last months as can also the editing and publication process. As …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Journalism Education: new journal

Mick Temple Staffordshire University Chris Frost Liverpool John Moores University Jenny McKay University of Sunderland Stuart Allan Bournemouth University The first issue of Journalism Education appeared in April 2012. Published with the support of the Association for Journalism Education (AJE), the online journal is available for free via the AJE website. Journalism Education is an …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Print is not an input

Janis Jefferies, Sarah Kember & Ben Pester Goldsmiths, University of London As we start to see the depth of the digital transformation of the publishing industry, a motto is rising up from the ranks of independent publishers: Print is not an input. It is spoken in directorial and editorial meetings, in master-classes about making magazines, …Continue Reading

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