Three-D Issue 21: MeCCSA CCES Network update

Neil Gavin Liverpool University In April this year Leicester University hosted a successful event under the auspices of the CCES network. This was ‘Climate Change Communication & the Internet: Challenges and Opportunities for Research’ symposium organised by Dr Nelya Koteyko, and attracting nationally and internationally situated scholars. It figured a range of papers on the …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: ‘One Year On’ Symposium on the Legacy of the Paralympics, Accentuate with University of Brighton

Irene Rose Liverpool John Moores Univ. In July founding steering group member Alison Wilde was invited to be part of the headline panel at the Accentuate ‘One Year On’ Symposium held in partnership with the University of Brighton. The symposium explored the potential wider cultural legacy of the London 2012 Paralympics for Deaf and disabled …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: Chair’s report

Sue Thornham University of Sussex As we approach the annual conference and AGM, this issue of Three-D contains information not only about this year’s conference, to be hosted by the University of Bournemouth between 8th and 10th of January, with the theme of ‘media and the margins’, but also about next year’s, to be held …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: New Directions in Media Research 2013

Rahma Al Foori University of Leicester Following the story of this conference’s success, featured in Three-D last year (November 2012, issue 19) the story continues this year on the 14th June 2013 at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Leicester. The department’s initiative to encourage PhD students to organize and participate in academic …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: Grade grubbing

Steph Allen Bournemouth University At certain times of the academic year, there comes a time of dread. This period of concern:the the obligatory essay hand-back. Students who have pored hours of their time considering the merits of one argument over the other, adding their own pearls of youthful wisdom, wait with baited breath for the …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: Reel News: Connecting videoactivism and academia

Shaun Day Reel News Lee Salter University of Sussexl Radical media projects have been gaining the attention of critical scholars intensely over the past two decades. The rise of Indymedia, and before that Undercurrents, demonstrated how new digital media technologies could be used by activists to produce inexpensive counter-narratives as well as casting a news …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: The Radical Film Network

Steve Presence University of the West of England, Bristol The past few years have seen a groundswell in the production of overtly political film culture in Britain, which is now home to variety of organisations and groups dedicated to making, distributing, exhibiting, and researching films that are explicitly aligned with the radical left. On Monday …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: Radical Film vs the Radical Right

Anthony Killick University of the West of England, Bristol This piece looks at the political swing to the Right that has taken place in the UK over the past thirty years, with an emphasis on how it affects our capacity for critical cultural production. I am concerned with developing practices within film and Film Studies …Continue Reading

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