Three-D Issue 24: Still life in the old attack dogs yet?

Dominic Wring Loughborough University  A journalistic cliché we’re likely to hear a great deal more- and it has already been said- is that this General Election is the most important in a generation. But it is often difficult to gauge the significance of a particular election until sometime after the event. What is not in …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 24: Press Regulation beyond the election

Steven Barnett University of Westminster While the outcome of May’s general election is likely to hinge on rather more pressing issues than the future of press regulation, there is no question that it will have significant implications for how the post-Leveson policy debate is finally resolved. Those who believe that the issue has been settled …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 24: A Manifesto for Media Reform

Jonathan Hardy Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom   Des Freedman Chair, Media Reform Coalition   The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, in association with the Media Reform Coalition, have published their Manifesto for Media Reform ahead of the election. It was drawn up following a public consultation in which a series of journalists, …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 24: Make media ownership an issue for the election (and beyond)

Des Freedman Chair, Media Reform Coalition The evidence just keeps mounting up: from the testimonies provided to the Leveson Inquiry to Peter Oborne’s resignation from the Telegraph. Powerful media organisations in highly concentrated markets – whether online or offline – distort democratic debate by privileging issues and agendas that suit the interests of proprietors and …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 24

Three-D, issue 24 (PDF, 4.4 Mb) In this issue: 1 2015 Election special: debates and media policy (Einar Thorsen) UK Election 2015 2 Make media ownership an issue for the election (and beyond) (Des Freedman) 3 Manifesto for Media reform (Jonathan hardy & Des Freedman) 5 Press regulation beyond the election (Steven Barnett) 7 Media policy in …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 24: REF: Results show world-leading and international excellence across the sector in media and cultural research

  The results of the Research Excellent Framework were published just before Christmas, followed in the new year by the subject overview reports from the REF panels. Cultural, communication and media studies once again showed itself to be a strong and thriving research area with prowess in many fields and across the university sector, and …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 24: Oh, that sounds straight forward

Karen Boyle University of Sterling     Speaking at the opening plenary of MeCCSA 2015 on “my brilliant career” was one of those gigs I accepted thinking, “oh that sounds straight forward”. I quickly realised that talking about my own career to a roomful of my peers was anything but. I am a mid-career academic …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 24: Funding, publications… and a thick skin

Ruth Sanz Sabido Canterbury Christ Church University     A career is defined as an occupation, one that is based on a sense of direction. A career is supposed to be an expression of a ‘life’s work’. In this sense, academics form a relatively privileged group, because they have the opportunity to exert at least …Continue Reading

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