Three-D Issue 31: Iceland’s Orangutan: Tensions in spectacular environmentalisms

Eva Giraud Keele University Reports about the ‘banning’ of Iceland’s 2018 Christmas advertisement resulted in it becoming one of the most viewed Christmas advertisements ever on social media. The advertisement itself – a Greenpeace-produced animated critique of palm oil production, from the perspective of a young orangutan – was reportedly banned for being ‘too political’. …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 31: Facebook, Nick Clegg and the Future of Democracy

Declan Mcdowell Naylor Queen Mary, UoL On the same day on which he was hired as Facebook’s Vice President of Global Affairs and Communication, Sir Nick Clegg heralded his appointment in a Guardian op-ed as an opportunity “to build bridges between politics and tech”. The former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown urged Clegg to stand up for …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 31: The Online Advertising Tax

Christian Fuchs University of Westmister In the age of austerity, there has been increased public criticism of large transnational corporations’ low tax contributions. Google and Facebook dominate the online advertising market in the form of a duopoly and avoid paying adequate taxes while complying with the taxation system in place. This policy brief introduces a …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 31: What should the Cairncross Review do?

Natalie Fenton Goldsmiths, University of London Chair, Media Reform Coalition The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport established the Cairncross Review in March 2018 to examine the sustainability of high-quality journalism in the UK. The Review is particularly concerned with the Press and says that it will give equal weight to the needs of ‘consumers and …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 31: ‘High Quality Journalism’ or Tendentious Trash?

Julian Petley Brunel University In its call for evidence, the Cairncross Review stated its objective as ‘to establish how far and by what means we can secure a sustainable future for high quality journalism, particularly for news’, asked respondents whether ‘the future of high quality journalism in the UK is at risk – at national, …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 31

Three-D, issue 31 (PDF, 1.9 Mb) In this issue: 1 Quality journalism, internet and politics (Einar Thorsen) Cairncross Review & Media Policy 2 Government reviews and inquiries: why we should use our academic voice (Julie Firmstone) 4 What should the Cairncross Review propose we do about local news? (Martin Moore) 5 ‘High Quality Journalism’ or Tendentious Trash? …Continue Reading

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