Ann Luce

Ann Luce is the Chair of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network and a co-opted member of the Executive Committee since September 2008. A PhD student at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Cultural and Media Studies, her doctoral thesis looks at the newspaper coverage of the Bridgend County suicides in 12 English and Welsh publications from January …Continue Reading

Rosalind Brunt

Rosalind Brunt is a Visiting Research Fellow in Media Studies and Associate Lecturer at Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences, Sheffield Hallam University. She has a long involvement in the institutional representation of media studies: she was the first vice -chair of MeCCSA and the chair of the Women’s Media Studies Network. She has also …Continue Reading

Margaret Montgomerie

Margaret Montgomerie is Programme Leader in Joint Media Studies at De Montfort University. She teaches in the areas of Media Texts and Media Gender and Identity. Her research is mainly concerned with shifts in the representations of marginalised identities in popular screen fictions. Her current research is focussed on media representations of impairment and disability, …Continue Reading

Milly Williamson

Milly Williamson is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at Brunel University. She has conducted research into television and film fan cultures, horror and gender. She is the author of The Lure of the Vampire: gender, fiction and fandom from Bram Stoker to Buffy (2005), and related journal articles and chapters in edited …Continue Reading

Kaitlynn Mendes

Kaitlynn Mendes is a Lecturer in Media Studies at DeMontfort University. She currently teaches courses on gender and media, new communication technology, and mass media. She is a former Chair of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network, which she held for two years, and is currently the co-editor of Feminist Media Study’s Commentary and Criticism section. Kaitlynn’s …Continue Reading

Anita Biressi

WMSN Communications Anita Biressi is Reader in Media Cultures in the School of Arts, Roehampton University, London. Her research into media spectacle, documentary and factual film and TV and tabloid culture has appeared in journals and collections including Space and Culture, Screen, the Journal for Cultural Research and most recently Celebrity Studies. She is the author of Crime, Fear and …Continue Reading

Heather Nunn

 WMSN Chair and MeCCSA Vice-Chair Heather Nunn is Professor of Culture and Politics and Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Film and Audiovisual Cultures in the Department of Media, Culture and Languages at the University of Roehampton, London. Her research interests include politics and the media, documentary and reality programming, cultural politics, class and gender. She has …Continue Reading

Sarita Malik

Sarita Malik is the Chair of the MeCCSA Race Network and a co-opted member of the Executive Committee since February 2009. She is a Lecturer in Media and Communications in the Department of Sociology/Communications at Brunel University. Sarita has a BA in English with Media Studies from Sussex University and an MA in Film and …Continue Reading

Jason Lee

Jason has 20 years experience in higher education and the media and communications industries. He is Head of Film, Media & Creative Writing at the University of Derby. He is a screenwriter and new media producer, and his latest academic research is in new media and enhancing HE pedagogy through new media. Jason will be …Continue Reading

Einar Thorsen

Online Communications and Newsletter Editor Einar Thorsen is a Lecturer in Journalism and Communication at Bournemouth University where he also completed his PhD in Journalism Studies. His thesis focused on civic engagement and citizen voices on the BBC News website during the 2005 UK General Election. Einar’s research projects include a co-edited book (with Stuart Allan) …Continue Reading

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