How you can campaign against the cuts

Here are some ideas of what you can do if you want to campaign against the cuts:

1. Seek to be heard and influence any platform that you have access to,
across any network and in any public setting. Analysis and critique are what we
are good at – we need to use our skills to get the message out there. Between
us we can cover an awful lot of areas but you have to do it with purpose and
determination – the opportunities rarely come to you, you find them. Use
mainstream and alternative outlets – we need a flooding of responses.

2. Write to every single Lib-Dem MP NOW (see our sample letter and template ) – we need 44 of the 55 lib-dem MPs to vote against
the bill (that will be debated in under 3 weeks – so time is of the essence). Their names and addresses can be found here:

3. Write to your local MP regardless of their party. This is an issue
that may make some backbenchers uneasy. Visit your local MP’s surgery and put
your views in person.

4. Make sure your students understand and appreciate what is happening.
We will need their support as the cuts start to bite. Organise meetings with
your students and keep them informed.

5. If you have a Facebook account join the UCU or NUS campaign group (see also general UCU campaign group )

6. If you use Twitter – flood it with relevant tags and links to good

7. If you do have the resources to make a video-blog or podcast then
make them but ensure they get on high traffic sites.


9. Anything else you can think of – please share!

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