CFP MeCCSA PGN Conference 2019

July 1-2, 2019, Bangor University ‘Delivery technologies become obsolete and get replaced; media, on the other hand, evolve.’ –Henry Jenkins (2006: 13) The changes that have taken place within any aspect of media over the last several decades have been immense; some areas of the field are all but unrecognisable following such drastic adaptations and alterations. …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 31

Three-D, issue 31 (PDF, 1.9 Mb) – Latest In this issue: 1 Quality journalism, internet and politics (Einar Thorsen) Cairncross Review & Media Policy 2 Government reviews and inquiries: why we should use our academic voice (Julie Firmstone) 4 What should the Cairncross Review propose we do about local news? (Martin Moore) 5 ‘High Quality Journalism’ or Tendentious Trash? …Continue Reading

MeCCSA response to political interference in Australia’s research grant process

On the 13th of November 2018, the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), issued a statement expressing its deep concern about political interference in the independence of Australia’s research grant process. Recent discussion in the Australian Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee revealed that 11 humanities and creative arts projects recommended for funding …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 30

Three-D, issue 30 (PDF, 2 Mb) – Latest In this issue: 1 CPBF folds, hands baton to academics and online activists (Einar Thorsen) Media Policy 2 Campaigning for responsible and accountable media after end of CPBF (Tim Gopsill) 4 Draft proposals for the future of the BBC (Tom Mills) 5 DCMS “Fake News” Report: time for a new …Continue Reading

MeCCSA statement on USS pension dispute between UCU and UUK

As an association representing the interest of university students, teachers, and researchers in our field, we wish to express our strong support for those of our members currently taking strike action in opposition to proposed changes in their pension arrangements. The health and diversity of our field are already unduly dependent on the goodwill and …Continue Reading

AGM 2018 documents and Dinah Birch keynote slides

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING LONDON,  JANUARY 11TH. 2018 AGENDA Apologies Minutes of 2017 AGM Matters arising Chair’s Report Treasurer’s Report Reports from Sub-Committees Association Activities Sub-Committee Administration and Communication Sub-Committee Academic Development Sub-Committee Reports from Networks Report on election for Executive Committee.   1.  EC for 2018 2.  To note retiring members Resolutions AOB The AGM will …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 29

Three-D, issue 29 (PDF, 3.9 Mb) In this issue: 1 Speaking out (Einar Thorsen) Sexual harassment 2 Weinstein in the news (Anita Biressi) 3 The need for structural and cultural change in media industries (Heather Savigny) 4 Call it by its name (Karen Ross) 4 A curse on all his ‘Houses of Cards’ (Richard Scullion) Media …Continue Reading

MeCCSA guidance for REF external advisor roles

Taking up at REF external advisor role? Please consider our REF research consultancy advisory paper Documented evidence, trade union research and anecdotal evidence, together, suggest that the REF scores arrived at by external advisors may be used by Departments to change workloads, alter research-active allocations and therefore impact on the career progression of individual staff. …Continue Reading

MeCCSA nominations for members of REF2021 panels

Process for requesting MeCCSA nomination for additional members of REF2021 Main Panel D and Sub-panels membership Members of the REF2021 expert panels will be appointed through a nominations process. Any association or organization with a clear interest in the conduct, quality, funding or wider benefits of publicly-funded research can nominate individuals for panel membership. Mission …Continue Reading

Joint statement from BAFTSS and MeCCSA on REF2021 [Updated: response from HEFCE and Panel D Chair]

UPDATED: RESPONSE FROM HEFCE AND THE CHAIR OF PANEL D Recently BAFTSS and MeCCSA agreed the below joint statement in response to concern about the initial decisions by HECFCE regarding REF 2021 that included naming Film and Screen Studies explicitly in sub-panel 33 (Music, Dance, Drama, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies). This joint statement was sent to …Continue Reading

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