Three-D Issue 33: It Says Here

Julian McDougallBournemouth University December 2019, University of Birmingham picket line. Billy Bragg is in town so he turns up. Whose Side Are You On? Power in a Union. As he puts it “you don’t have to thank me for coming, it’s my job, I’m Billy Bragg.”  The day after, John McDonnell speaks to party members and …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 33: 2019 Election Special: policy, media & campaign

Einar ThorsenBournemouth University General elections appear to have become a bi-annual tradition, and as is customary this edition of Three-D focusses on election issues of concern to MeCCSA members. We have two features reviewing party manifestoes – Julian McDougall looks at HE policy, whilst Natalie Fenton scrutinises pledges on media reform. We also have a range of …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 32

Three-D, issue 32 (PDF, 2.6 Mb) In this issue:1 What now Johnson? (Einar Thorsen) Online Harms White Paper2 Problems, proposed solutions, and need for evidence (Emma Goodman) Cairncross Review4 Can it get past the press gang? (David Baines, Agnes Gulyas, Rachel Matthews)5 Cairncross on revenue generation and revenue distribution (Steven Barnett) Augar Review6 What does …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 32: Renamed Women’s Network

Beth JohnsonLeeds University As ever, the MeCCSA Women’s Network has enjoyed an eventful year. In structural terms, our former chair, Milly Williamson, stood down after ten diligent years in post. The network has been deeply enhanced by Milly’s leadership and both the committee and our members are extremely grateful for her enthusiasm and dedication. 2020 …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 32: MeCCSA Social Movements and Media Discourse Centre Symposium

De Montfort University Wednesday, 9th October 2019 Keynote Speaker: Dr Sally Ruane, Reader in Social Policy, and Director of the Health Policy Research Unit Registration: 12noon – ends 3/3.30pm The Media Discourse Centre at De Montfort University (, and the MeCCSA Social Movements Network, will host the 5th Annual Shared Solidarities symposium (a free event with tea …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 32: Radio Studies Network report

Josephine ColemanBirkbeck College, University of London As the field of media communications and broadcasting shifts around us, so Radio Studies evolves, the Network widens its interests and further extends a welcome through social media communities as well as at face-to-face events. These encounters provide vital opportunities to engage with the research and teaching practices of …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 32: Policy Network report

Jonathan HardyUniversity of East London Here is a brief update on the MeCCSA Policy Network that discusses recent activities, and finishes with two (of many) reasons why we need this Network more than ever.  The Policy Network is chaired by Phil Ramsay, with Jeanette Steemers and I as vice chairs. Both my colleagues have been …Continue Reading

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