Three-D Issue 20: Oh what tangled webs they weave: a response to Paul Lashmar

Steven Barnett, University of Westminster and Hacked Off Paul Lashmar deserves our gratitude on two counts. First, he has reminded us all, eloquently and persuasively, why journalism matters. Paul’s unquestionable commitment to a branch of journalism which lies at the core of a healthy democracy should be an example to anyone with responsibility for teaching aspiring …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 20: The Media Reform Coalition’s next steps

Deborah Grayson, Media Reform Coalition and Goldsmiths The Media Reform Coalition was founded in the autumn of 2011 to bring together academics and civil society groups around the Leveson Inquiry and Communications Review. As the first part of the Leveson process draws to a close eighteen months on, we appear to have finally called time on …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 20

Three-D, issue 20 (PDF, 9.54Mb) In this issue: 1 Leveson aftermath & the Royal Charter (Einar Thorsen)  MeCCSA Annual Conferences & Features 2 Great conference and lovely time in Derry and Conference report, Derry 2013 (Máire Messenger Davies) 5 MeCCSA 2014: Media and the Margins and Call for Papers (Dan Jackson & Einar Thorsen) Royal Charter & Leveson …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 20: Two ends of the story: lessons from the 1980s

Pat Holland, Bournemouth University Watching television last year was a strange experience for me. As the Leveson Enquiry was unfolding around me on various screens, big and small, public and private, I was also immersed in the programmes of the 1980s. On my home television set, Leveson and his witnesses were interspersed with Margaret Thatcher, …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 20: The ‘public’ in the Public Inquiry

Judith Townend, City University London The public was supposed to be at the heart of the Leveson Inquiry. When it was announced, David Cameron described how the ‘whole country has been shocked by the revelations of the phone hacking scandal’.[1] Of course, establishing exactly how the public feels is a notoriously difficult exercise, but what …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 20: A Right Royal Row

Julian Petley, Brunel University In the early hours of Monday 18 March an agreement was reached by the Tories, the Liberal Democrats and Labour to set in motion the machinery for creating a royal charter which would underpin the effective self-regulation of the British press and guarantee the independence of the new regulatory system from …Continue Reading

Mickey Mouse Squeaks Back: Defending Media Studies

James Curran Goldsmiths, University of London Keynote address to the MeCCSA conference in Derry 2013. Please use the comment section below if you would like to contribute to the debate or submit an article to the next issue of Three-D. You can also read the discussion on the MeCCSA list. Introduction Media studies have been subject to periodic attack by quality newspapers, across …Continue Reading

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