Three-D Issue 35: It’s only a “conflict” between Facebook and regulators if it’s about the data

Declan McDowell-NaylorCardiff University What do you do about a problem like Facebook? This question is set to define a decade of legislative and judicial agendas. And from Australia, we have now seen one approach in action. Back in 2018, I questioned the intent behind Facebook’s hiring of Nick Clegg and the notion of “building bridges” between governments and …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 35: “Distinctly Different”: GB News

Steven BarnettUniversity of WestminsterJulian PetleyBrunel University The last days of Donald Trump did a great deal, albeit belatedly, to spotlight the corrosive effects on the democratic process of partisan media, and particularly Fox News. As an interviewee put it in an article in the Financial Times, 15 January 2021, following the Capitol invasion: “Those outlets that …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 35: Musical chairs: the phoney war over BBC governance

Tom ChiversGoldsmiths, University of London So farewell to Sir David Clementi, the outgoing Chairman of the BBC. Most previous Chairs are remembered only by an anorak’s shorthand of reforms, scandals and political conflicts: Real Lives, ‘internal markets’, the Hutton Inquiry, Savile, DMI, and so on. By modern standards Clementi’s four years in office have been uneventful, …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 35: Listening to legacies of coloniality: Bhuchar Boulevard’s Decolonisation

Kulraj PhullarIndependent Scholar “Decolonisation” is a term that has become familiar to many of us in recent years. Last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests across the UK contributed to the global wave of solidarity with African Americans following the killing of George Floyd, and raised the political stakes of decolonising our disciplines, histories and institutions. …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 35: Libertarians under lockdown

Julian PetleyBrunel University London In his triumphant and swaggering Brexit speech at the Greenwich Royal Naval College on 3 February 2020, we find one of Boris Johnson’s earliest mentions of the coronavirus. It is a warning, but not of imminent peril. Rather it is a warning of the danger posed to the economy by what he regards …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 35: A wake-up call, but who’s listening?

Simon CottleCardiff University As our academic field gears up and sets about interrogating the ways in which media and communications have variously engaged with and communicatively enacted this unprecedented – though in truth long-predicted – global pandemic, it is worth considering what appears to be on the research agenda and, importantly, what seems to be …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 35: No more medals: the latest on the TEF

Abigail GardnerUniversity of Gloucestershire So, we’re off the podium then. No more Gold, Silver or Bronze. The OfS has listened to Dame Shirley Pearce on this one. The TEF gongs were too simplistic and the Pearce review pointed out exactly why. No-one likes to come third. Recognising that ‘bronze’ played particularly badly internationally, the OfS …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 35: The banker and the basket weaver

Janet JonesUniversity of Westminster The UK is lucky to have an incredibly strong and resilient Higher Education sector. It’s been buffeted back and forth across multiple ideologically based funding reviews, and Augar won’t be the last. Just as we look ahead, we need to look back, and ask, has any one set of prescriptions for …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 35: Augar and after

John DowneyLoughborough University Gavin Williamson has become a figure of fun as Secretary of State for Education. He is probably the most incompetent Cabinet minister in a government not known, quite frankly, for being able to govern. He is already the comeback kid having served in even higher office. His meteoric rise through the ranks …Continue Reading

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