AGM 2018 documents and Dinah Birch keynote slides

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING LONDON,  JANUARY 11TH. 2018 AGENDA Apologies Minutes of 2017 AGM Matters arising Chair’s Report Treasurer’s Report Reports from Sub-Committees Association Activities Sub-Committee Administration and Communication Sub-Committee Academic Development Sub-Committee Reports from Networks Report on election for Executive Committee.   1.  EC for 2018 2.  To note retiring members Resolutions AOB The AGM will …Continue Reading

Election for MeCCSA Executive Committee 2017

The nomination deadline having passed, and the number of nominations being fewer than the vacancies on the Committee, the following are declared elected for two years from January 2017. Anita Biressi Karen Boyle Joanna Callaghan Peter Golding Janey Gordon Mark Jancovich Jeanette Steemers Milly Williamson The Committee will thus comprise the above together with the …Continue Reading

Notice of MeCCSA AGM 2015

Members are hereby notified that the AGM of the Association will take place at the Annual Conference at Northumbria University, on January 8th. 2015 at 4.45.   For further details please see the Conference Programme.  In addition to the normal AGM business there will be a discussion with Prof. Chris Rojek on academic publishing and open …Continue Reading

Postgraduate Network Executive Committee

Tianyang Zhou – Chair, Univerisity of Sussex ( Aurora Patera – Vice Chair, Canterbury Christ Church University ( Emma Kaylee Graves – Communication Officer, Canterbury Christ Church University ( Nicholas Furze – Communication Officer, Canterbury Christ Church University ( Umar Suleiman Jahun – Training Officer, University of Sussex ( Madhushala Senaratne – Journal Editor, University of …Continue Reading

MeCCSA PGN Communications Officer Vacancy

The MeCCSA Postgraduate Network Committee is seeking someone for the Communications Officer post. The Communications Officer is responsible for planning, developing and delivering the web-based communications of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network. The main duties and responsibilities include circulating information on upcoming events relevant to the postgraduate community, updating the website with information on all the …Continue Reading

Social Movements Network steering committee

Chair Ruth Sanz Sabido Canterbury Christ Church University Stuart Price De Montfort University Rosalind Brunt Sheffield Hallam University Rinella Cere Sheffield Hallam University John Downey Loughborough University Anna Feigenbaum Bournemouth University Arne Hintz Cardiff University

Administration and Communications Subcommittee Report, AGM2013

Report to the MeCCSA AGM, 10 January 2013 Administration and Communications Subcommittee For 2012 the committee has comprised of: Einar Thorsen (Convenor), Bob Franklin, Stephen Lax, Karen Ross, and Sue Thornham. This year the committee has concentrated primarily on the newsletter, website and mailing lists. Other administrative concerns have been addressed either by individuals (e.g. …Continue Reading

Academic Development Sub-Committee Report, AGM 2013

Annual General Meeting       Derry, Jan 10th. 2013  Report from Academic Development Sub-Committee The Academic Development Sub-Committee (ADSC) is responsible for over-seeing the Association’s concerns with teaching and learning, research, professional education and employment.  Its membership in 2012 has been Peter Golding (Convenor), Natalie Fenton,  Maire Messenger Davies, and Sue Thornham.  Much of its work comprises …Continue Reading

Committee Menu

Association Activities: Agnes Gulyas (Convenor); Karen Boyle; Janey Gordon; Caroline Ruddell; Anita Biressi Jo Littler; Milly Williamson; Heather Nunn;  Joanna Callaghan; Natalie Fenton Administration and Communications: Einar Thorsen (Convenor); Cindy Carter; Elizabeth Poole; Naomi Sakr; Jeanette Steemers; Karen Ross; Anita Biressi Academic Development:  Peter Golding (Convenor); Karen Boyle; John Downey; Mark Jancovich; Jamie Medhurst; Anita Biressi MeCCSA Executive’s Network Liaison: Agnes Gulyas Online Communications and Newsletter Editor: Einar Thorsen Climate …Continue Reading

Climate Change Network Committee

Julie Doyle (Co-Convenor) University of Brighton Nathan Farrell (Co-Convenor) Bournemouth University Mike Goodman University of Reading Jon Ward University of Leeds Chris Paterson University of Leeds Follow us on Twitter @MECCSA-CCES and join our Facebook Group.

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