Notice of MeCCSA AGM 2015

Members are hereby notified that the AGM of the Association will take place at the Annual Conference at Northumbria University, on January 8th. 2015 at 4.45.   For further details please see the Conference Programme.  In addition to the normal AGM business there will be a discussion with Prof. Chris Rojek on academic publishing and open access, as well as a presentation and discussion on the Association’s preliminary research findings on the impact of funding and government policy on student applications to and academic management in our field.

At each AGM we announce the outcome of the annual ballot for membership of the Executive Committee. This year, the number of nominations being exactly equal to the number of vacancies (viz. 10), all nominees are declared elected.  They are:

  • Anita Biressi (Roehampton)
  • Joanna Callaghan (Sussex)
  • Peter Golding (Northumbria)
  • Janey Gordon (Bedfordshire)
  • Mark Jancovich (East Anglia)
  • Tim O’Sullivan (De Montfort)
  • Jeanette Steemers (Westminster)
  • Milly Williamson (Brunel)
  • Ivor Gaber (Sussex)
  • Karen Boyle (Stirling)

They are declared elected for 2015 and 2016, and for the coming year join the following, who were elected for two years in Jan 2014:

  • Helen Baehr
  • Lee Cadieux (Ulster)
  • John Downey (Loughborough)
  • Natalie Fenton (Goldsmiths)
  • Agnes Gulyas (Canterbury Christ Church)
  • Stephen Lax (Leeds)
  • Heather Nunn (Roehampton)
  • Karen Ross (Northumbria)
  • Einar Thorsen (Bournemouth)

Biographies and further details for all Committee members may be found on the Association website.

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