Three-D Issue 26

Three-D, issue 26 (PDF, 4 Mb) In this issue: 1 Future of HE and academic freedoms (Einar Thorsen) Future of Higher Education 2 More audit and less academic freedom? (David Hesmondhalgh) 4 From Green to Gold: reclaiming our universities (Natalie Fenton) 6 Threat from unrestrained competition (Janet Jones) 6 The Story of the TEF (Abigail Gardner) 7 In …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 26: Threat from unrestrained competition

Janet Jones London South Bank University They say that Justine Greening, the first Education Secretary ever to be educated in a comprehensive school, actually ‘gets it’. She’s part of Cameron’s ‘modernisation agenda’, and as such she understands the problematics of social mobility, and is committed to tackling deep rooted issues like why only 10% of …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 26: From Green to Gold: reclaiming our universities

Natalie Fenton Goldsmiths, University of London With the recent government cabinet reshuffle came the dismantling of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the return of the higher education remit to the Department of Education. While on one level this would seem appealing – surely education should be addressed from primary to tertiary level …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 26: Future of HE and academic freedoms

Einar Thorsen Bournemouth University It is barely a month since the UK voted in a referendum to leave the Eruopean Union. The somewhat unexpected victory for Leave came after a bad tempered campaign on both sides, characterised by a fear of unknowns and controversial truth claims Brexit has thrown the political landscape into momentary turmoil, …Continue Reading

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