Three-D Issue 28

Three-D, issue 28 (PDF, 4.7 Mb)MeCCSA-ThreeD-28-Thumb-Shad

In this issue:
1 2017 Election Special: HE policy, media and the campaign (Einar Thorsen)

Election 2017
2 The idea of the University (Julian McDougall)
4 Higher Education and the 2017 General Election Manifestos (Andrew Gunn)
5 The impact of impartiality (Justin Lewis)
6 Women leaders and the pitfalls of ‘going personal’ (Emily Harmer)
7 Civil society and grassroots voices in the election coverage (Jen Birks & Abi Rhodes)
9 General Election 2017: the Brexit Campaign? (Deacon, Downey, Smith, Stanyer & Wring)
10 Not the Brexit election many predicted (Stephen Cushion)
10 Acrimony and division (Gordon Ramsay)

Media Policy
13 Combatting fake news: analysis of submissions to the fake news inquiry (Vian Bakir & Andrew McStay)
16 Why the Fox-Sky merger must be stopped (Justin Schlosberg)

17 Mike O’Brien (Caroline Mitchell)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
18 MeCCSA 2017: University of Leeds (Katy Parry)
20 MeCCSA 2018: London South Bank University (Philip Hammond)

Reports and Initiatives
22 Chair’s report (Natalie Fenton)
23 Letter in support of CEU
24 Response to consultation on second REF
28 Response on Leveson inquiry and its implementation
32 Policy Network (Des Freedman)
34 Practice Network (Nick HigginsSarah Haynes)
36 Radio Studies Network (Helen Gubbins)
37 Social Movements Network (Rosalind Brunt)
37 Women’s Media Studies Network (Gamze Toylan)
38 Postgraduate Network (Patricia Prieto-Blanco)

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