Three-D Issue 20: Networking Knowledge: call for 2014 guest editors

NK - FreemanMatthew Freeman, University of Nottingham

Serving as a dynamic platform for the research of our community’s postgraduates and early career researchers, Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN is an e-journal published by the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network. The Network itself brings together approximately 400 postgraduate and early career researchers in the fields of media, communications, and cultural studies. Established in 2007, Networking Knowledge was designed as a means to develop coverage for the work of postgraduates working in these particular fields of media, communications, and cultural studies. Since then we have expanded our reach, broadening our content, whilst all the while retaining that core ethos of serving as an important platform for the work of postgraduates and early career researcher.

10 PGN-NK - q1The journal regularly features issues based around the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network’s annual conferences, proving presenters with a useful opportunity to publish their papers in the form of journal articles, broadcasting their findings to a larger audience than those confined to the attendee lists of the conferences themselves. Both myself and the journal’s former editors have strived to continually improve the visibility of this outlet amongst our ever-broadening postgraduate community – developing Networking Knowledge as indeed a source of both appropriate research knowledge that lends itself to the wider academic community and as a source of suitable networkability, serving as a point where authors can connect to that all-important academic collective.

And so in offering a platform where the product of PGN events can be showcased, Networking Knowledge is an outlet run by postgraduates for postgraduates. As such, the journal typically runs on the services and contributions of postgraduate guest editors, each devising and facilitating their own special-themed edition of the journal in accordance with their own research interests and activities. Such editions can thus function as extensions of a researcher’s own work, offering the opportunity to both collate a publication around a particular research question or topic and to develop new networking opportunities with those currently working on similar areas.

Networking Knowledge is in fact currently seeking to appoint a series of such guest editors for its upcoming 2014 editions, and prospective postgraduates and early career researchers are encouraged to contact Matthew Freeman, the current Journal Editor, at before May 1st 2013 to discuss possible topics and to submit proposals of approximately 500 words or less. The journal of course caters towards the broad and wide-ranging research interests of the MeCCSA members, and so we welcome proposals on any area of media, communications, and cultural studies.


We look forward to
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