Call for MeCCSA-PGN Conference Bids

The MeCCSA Postgraduate Network (PGN) seeks applications from post-graduate students interested in hosting the annual postgraduate conference. At this moment, we cannot guarantee to offer funding support, however we are doing our best to secure funding. Therefore, it is important that the bid reflects this. The chosen candidate will be encouraged to apply for AHRC funding for additional funds and seek support from their university in the form of reduced or waived room fees and other such accommodations. Usually, different bids compete for delivering the MeCCSA PG conference. This document provides guidance on which information is expected to be included in the bid.

Guidance for Postgraduate Network conference calls

Document structure:
The conference bid should be structured like a research report. Style and language are not expected to be in academic jargon. The report may include photos and other graphic material and should ideally be submitted as a PDF file. Its length should not exceed 5,000 words. With regard to contents the bid should include the following issues:

Basic information:
Information on your city, university, faculty, graduate school and other relevant bodies may be included in the report. As there will be a competition among different universities each report should aim to convince the reviewers about why a university is particularly suited to host the MeCCSA PG conference. For instance, if there is anything extraordinary about the city where your university is located or about the research record of your faculty such kind of information may be included in the report. Nevertheless, the following, compulsory information will be regarded as crucial during the evaluation of a bid.

Compulsory information:
State the members of the organising committee (which may be subject to change) in the report and describe support from faculty and/or other relevant bodies (a further letter of support from your department is required to be enclosed to the bid).

As its core the bid should provide a detailed outline of the conference. The outline should include specific information on opening and closing addresses, guest speakers (i.e. keynote address, plenary debates etc.), workshops (i.e. PG training events) and the major conference structure (i.e. panels or other appropriate opportunities to present research) as well as a preliminary timetable. Additionally, the conference should provide space for the MeCCSA PG network executive committee meeting and for networking events (i.e. coffee breaks, conference dinner, entertainment etc.). When submitting the conference bid you may not be at a stage where you have already approached the speakers for an opening address or teachers for training events. Hence, it is sufficient to refer to a range of academics who you might wish to approach.

The bid should also detail how the conference committee is going to communicate with the delegates. This could include information on a conference package and programme as well as a specific online presence. Further points to reflect upon may include a description of conference venues, accommodation and catering. Finally, the report has to include a preliminary evaluation of the conference budget.

The MeCCSA PG network executive committee will review each bid. After a bid has been accepted, the MeCCSA PG network executive committee expects the conference committee and organisers to confer with the representatives of the MeCCSA PGN on issues such as plenary speakers, workshops and conference outline. Generally, the conference is expected to be held in late June or early July.

Please submit your completed bid to Ruth Sabido at by Dec 1 2011.

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