Impact of new fees regime

Dear MeCCSA member,

In November last year I wrote to ask you how the changes in University funding were affecting your departments. Thank you to those who responded at that time.

Now that all UCAS applications for this year are more or less in, and universities have decided on their immediate strategies for dealing with the changes, it seems a good time to ask again.

Once again, therefore, I’d be very grateful for information on how the new regime is impacting on your departments, your institutions and yourselves as individual academic/academic-related staff. Please let me have any information or commentary on whatever you think is relevant – this could range from falls (or rises) in application numbers to redundancies (or extra posts), course closures (or launching of new courses), freeze on posts, increase (or decrease) in staff/student ratios, changes in teaching methods, University/departmental strategies developed directly in relation to the new regime.

We can then share this information via the newsletter – I’ll be happy to maintain anonymity if you’d prefer this.

Please send responses either to me ( or to Natalie Fenton (

With best wishes,
Sue Thornham (MeCCSA Chair)

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